PODS: Why You Shouldn’t Write Off A Austin Moving Service

POD Or Mover?: How To Decide

PODS or Portable On Demand Storage has many uses and depending on your needs may be the perfect solution for you. They have been used as a temporary storage while a home is being renovated and they also allow you to move yourself without arguably having to experience the worst part of moving which is the travel to your new home, especially if you are going across the country. PODS aren’t always the best decision when it comes to your relocation though, as they can pose just as many challenges as they can benefits.


Where Is The Room!?

If you live in Austin, you know finding a place to park a POD is like trying to get through the airport screening line at Bergstrom International when your flight is set to depart in 10 minutes. It is not fun. Finding parking for your car is difficult enough in Austin, let alone a big steel box that is meant to sit on the street for a few days while you fill it up with all of your household goods. Because it is a big crowded city, you also have to consider the expense for obtaining a parking permit for each day the POD is on the street. Don’t forget about your delivery location as well. If you are moving from one city to another city, you may have to acquire parking permits at both ends of your move. There are even some cities, like Chicago, that do not allow PODS at all on the streets.

Transit Time

PODS still have to get from point A to point B. They do this by utilizing the same approach as movers; long-haul trucking. This means that like movers, there is a transit time involved with receiving your items. Of course, there is an advantage with using PODS that is not possible with movers, and that is a POD can be dropped off at your delivery location before you arrive so it can be waiting for you. Moving companies will give you a delivery window, usually in business days, from the day you are first available at your new home.


One of the main disadvantages with using a POD rather than using a professional mover is the loading and unloading aspect of the POD. Most people are not professional movers, and while we may feel comfortable loading our own items into a POD, most damages that occur with PODS are because the customer loaded the items themselves. Customers try to avoid this, by having professional movers wrap, pad, and load the items into the POD for them. This can be a great option for you, but you also have to consider price. Most people purchase PODS for their move to save money, so if you have movers do it for you, you have to ask yourself, are you really saving money?

What Size POD Do You Need?

My guess is that you are not a professional mover, which means that you probably are not sure what size POD you actually need. When reserving a POD, you can either call into a call center and have a representative assist you with estimating the size of a POD you need, or, you can use their online tools to receive a quick estimate of the right POD size for you. You are essentially taking a gamble. What happens if you rent a POD, have it placed in a busy city street, and on your third and final day of loading, you find out you have ran out of room and need more space? If this happens, that means not only have you paid for a POD too small, but you also paid for three days worth of parking permits. Now you need to get another POD and more permits to finish your move.

Austin Moving Companies will offer you binding or not to exceed prices based on your items. So as long as you are accurate with your list of items, you know the price up front.

Climate Controlled Storage vs. PODS

Another thing to keep in mind when considering PODS is that they are not climate controlled. This means that if you place a POD in a non-shaded area, it essentially is going to turn into an oven, with your household belongings being the recipe. Austin Moving Companies often have climate or temperature controlled storage areas. This is important if you have household belongings that are sensitive to heat or extreme temperatures.

So now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of using a POD for your move, you are better equipped to make the best decision for you. If you live in the suburbs, you probably have a driveway you can place the POD on, and because it is your property, avoid daily permits. If you live in the city however, a permit and solid plan for loading the POD is a must so you do not spend more money than you have too. The main take away is to get estimates and quotes from all moving solutions, whether they be PODS, Uhauls, or moving companies in Austin Tx.

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POD Or Mover?: How To Decide PODS or Portable On Demand Storage has many uses and depending on your needs may be the perfect solution for you. They have been used as a temporary storage while a home is being… Continue Reading

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