Student Moving Guide in Dallas Tx

Dallas is a very popular place for student to move to for school. Of course, when students move it’s not the same as a regular move. Instead of moving into a home and staying all year long, students often move to a dorm room or apartment and head back home to mom and dad’s house for the summer. This type of moving provides a few unique challenges.


When exams are over, everything has to be packed up and taken out of the dorms for the summer. It can be a big job getting everything into boxes, carrying it down the stairs, packing up a vehicle and taking it back to mom and dad’s house. The days when college students move in or move out are the busiest days and the most stressful days on any college campus.

What Should You Store?
If you know you will be coming back to Dallas next year, you should consider storing some things instead of moving them home. Larger items, such as futons, mattresses, dressers and other furniture item should be stored. You can also store comforters, pillows, dishes, winter clothes and anything else you won’t need over the summer.

What Should you Take Home?
You don’t want to take home more than you need, as it will just make the move more stressful. Personal items, your computer, TVs, stereos and other electronics may be items you want to take home. However, if you have no use for them during the summer, you can just put them in storage until next year.

Tips for a Successful Move
As you move to or from a college dorm or apartment, you want to make sure you follow a few general tips:

Label all items on every side of the box
Keep a full inventory of the items you store
Stack neatly and put larger boxes on the bottom when storing items
Use proper moving boxes and packing tape
When you plan to store some items and you plan to take some home, an inventory of where each item went will help you when moving back the following year. It’s easy to misplace an item, but the inventory will ensure you know where it’s supposed to be.

Hiring a Mover to Help with your Move
Moving to or from college is incredibly stressful. You already have a long list of things you have to do when you arrive, if you’re moving to college. If you’re moving home, you’ve probably spent the past few weeks stressed out about final exams. There’s no need to add to your stress. Instead, hire a moving company in Dallas to help you move to or from college.

With a Dallas student moving company on your side, you can take care of the personal items going home to mom and dad’s house with you, while they handle the larger items going to storage. This will make the move back home easier.

When it’s time to move back to college, you can have your trusted moving company pick up all the items you have in storage and bring them to your dorm room. You won’t have as much to worry about as they will take care of the lifting and ensuring your larger items arrive on time.

There are many benefits to hiring a moving company for student moves. With all the stress you already have to deal with, hiring movers is an easy way to check something off your list. If you’re a student or the parents of a student and you need to move in or out of a college dorm or apartment, consider hiring a mover to help.