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One of the biggest concerns a parent can have is keeping their child safe. With so much going on in today’s world, it can be easy to overlook the dangers within your own home. Whether your child is running or crawling, here are a few tips on how to best childproof your home. Items to be purchased are noted in bold:
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  • Childproof latches– use these for cabinets and drawers containing dangerous or fragile items
  • Cord shorteners– use with blinds and electric cords to eliminate twisting, tripping or strangling
  • Cushioned corner covers – for tables, countertops, and other sharp
  • Electric outlet covers – it’s amazing what those little fingers can get into, so don’t let them get zapped
  • Gates– for use around stairs, balconies, or other areas of caution
  • Window guards – these should be loose enough for older kids to get them undone incase of an emergency
  • Loose rugs should be taped down or removed.
  • Special Note: Discuss emergency escape routes.


  • Keep breakable items like glasses and plates in lockable cabinets or out of reach.
  • Knives and sharp tools should be kept in latched drawers.


  • Cushioned faucet guard – no head bumps here!
  • Slip-proof mat or non-skid appliqués – keep those feet on solid ground
  • Toilet latches – because toddlers are top heavy and can easily drown
  • Store all medications, cosmetics, mouthwash, razors, etc. safely out of reach.
  • Special Note: Set hot water heaters at no more than 120 degrees to reduce the chance of a burn.


  • Fence in swimming pool and other dangerous areas (*Some states have laws on this)
  • Check outdoor play equipment, fences and gates for protruding bolts or loose nuts.
Little emergencies are bound to happen during your parental experience, but there’s no need for tragedies – especially when they can be avoided. These few simple steps for a safer home can help to ensure the safety of your child in the years to come.

This list that we’ve compiled is broad, but not comprehensive of all safety tips available for your children. We encourage you to research other options also.

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