How to Pack your bedroom in 5 Steps

Packing is no picnic. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you have to pack a lifetime of sentimental keepsakes, clothing, and furniture.

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Many families prefer to save their bedroom for last because they need easy access to personal effects like clothing, shoes, and other items. However, if you’re ready to pack your bedroom, these tips and tricks will simplify the packing process.

1. Sort Your Personal Items

The hardest part about packing is deciding what to take with you. Y our new home may have size constraints, or maybe you can’t fit all your items in your moving truck.

Before you even pack your first box, sort through your personal items, and divide them into several piles:

  • To keep: These items go with you. You must have them during and after the move.
  • To sell: You no longer need these exact items. You can sell them to pay for replacement items.
  • To give away: Y our family may want your porcelain doll collection. Give these items to whomever wants them.
  • To donate: If your family doesn’t want these items, someone else might. Donate these items to your favorite charity.
  • To throw away:  These items are in serious disrepair. They’re not worth keeping or giving away.

Once you’ve given away, sold, or donated your personal items, you’ll have more room to pack the items you wish to keep.

2. Manage Your Closet

While you can start almost anywhere in your bedroom, your closet is a great starting point. You’ll need to set aside the clothing you want to wear in the next few days, but you should pack seasonal items and other apparel that you only wear occasionally.

These tips will help you pack your closet without ruining your clothes.

  • Your Shirts/Hanging items: The easiest way to pack your hanging items is to utilize a wardrobe box.  Wardrobe boxes are specifically designed for your hanging clothes and are the simplest of all cartons to pack.   If you do not have wardrobes there is no need to take each shirt off the hanger and fold them into a box. Instead, bunch several shirts (still on their hangers) together. Poke a hole in the bottom of a large garbage bag and pull the hangers through. Tie a knot at the bottom of the bag to protect your clothing from dirt.
  • Your Shoes: Roll up your socks and put them into your shoes to keep the top of the shoe from collapsing. Pair shoes together by putting them into a large resealable bag or by binding them together with a twisty tie.

3. Pack Electronics with Care

Unlike clothing, electronics are especially delicate. Simply stuffing them into a garbage bag won’t protect your electronics from extreme temperatures or heavy book boxes. Pack these items with care, and label them as “fragile.”

  • Computers and Laptops: Put computers and laptops in their original packing, if you still have it. If you do not, find a box and pad that will keep your computer protected from too much movement. Don’t forget to backup any important files.
  • CDs, DVDs, and Other Media: Use antistatic packing bubbles or popcorn and wrap them around each piece. Do not use anything that could conduct electricity, as this may damage your electronics during the move. Seal the box carefully to keep out the dust.

4.  What to Do With Bedding and Drapes

Bedding and linens don’t require as much care as electronics, though these tips may help you keep them clean and in good condition.

  • Sheets: Fold sheets, linens, and pillows and place them in a plastic garbage bag. Opt for clear bags to better identify which sheets go to which bedroom. Make sure the bag stays sealed, and feel free to use bedding as extra cushion for more delicate items
  • Drapes: Pack your curtains and drapes in the same way you’d pack your shirts: drape them over a hanger, then cover them with a plastic bag. Seal the bag by tying a knot in the bottom.

5. How to Handle Furniture

The furniture in your bedroom likely won’t cause you as much fuss as the larger furniture in your kitchen or living room. However, mattresses and dressers can be big, awkward, and bulky. Take extra caution when handling this furniture to avoid injury to yourself or your belongings.

  • Mattress: Cover your mattress with a plastic cover. You can purchase one at your local hardware store, storage company, or moving company. If you can’t find a mattress cover or bag, use a bed sheet to protect it during transit. Do not bend or fold your mattress to make it fit in the truck. Avoid placing heavy boxes on the mattress-pack your mattress on its side instead.
  • Dressers: Take out the dresser drawers when moving the dresser into the truck. This will make it lighter and easier to carry. When finished, put the drawers back into the dresser to strengthen it and protect against damage. Use tape and securing pads to hold the drawers in place so they don’t fall out during the move.

Need More Help?

These tips will help you pack your bedroom quickly and efficiently. But if you need more help packing, or if you can’t lift heavy furniture yourself, don’t be afraid to ask your local Austin moving company Box Ox Moving Company for help.