Should You Move to a High Rise Apartment?

Austin is a diverse city with some of the most unique architecture in the world. During 2000-2010, Austin nearly burst its seams with the construction of new townhomes, condos, and modern high rise apartments. Many of these buildings offer enticing amenities to bring in new residents.

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Whether you want to upgrade from your old apartment, or you simply want a change in scenery, moving to a high rise apartment may seem like a dream. Some luxurious buildings feature heated indoor pools while others offer fully equipped fitness facilities.

But amenities aside, are high rise buildings a good place to live?


High rise apartments offer a lot of advantages to Austin city dwellers. A few benefits include the following:

Warmer in the Winter

Not a fan of Austin winters? Living on the upper floors of a high rise building will keep you toasty even when the temperatures drop. Hot air rises, so your home will stay warmer. In addition, countless neighbors below you will crank up their heaters, which will also contribute to your apartment’s warmth. And top floor units tend to receive more sunlight throughout the day, so that’s another source of free heat.

Protection from Bad Weather

Few things are more troublesome than searching for your house keys in the middle of a storm. Unless you find them quickly, you may have to stay outside for several minutes shivering in the cold and the wet.

Not so with a high rise apartment! You walk through the lobby, down the hallway, and into the elevator in protective comfort. By the time you make it to the top floor, you probably find your keys easily due to the convenient lighting.

And many high rise apartments offer underground parking. You don’t even have to step foot outside, or scrape ice and snow off your car.

Less Noise

The higher you live, the further away you are from outdoor noise. Street traffic sirens will sound more distant and muted. You won’t have to listen to children stomping overhead or beds creaking as your neighbors wake up each morning.

If you want peace and quiet, the top floor of a high rise building can give it to you.

Bigger Community

High rise apartments enable multiple families to live close together. If you are a social butterfly, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make new friends. Simply walk down the hall and knock on the door.

This larger community is especially helpful if you have a personal emergency. Someone is almost always close enough lend an extra hand.

Fewer Break–Ins

Many criminals take the path of least resistance. An unlocked door or window is an open invitation to break in and steal. However, if your home is 30 floors up, it will be more difficult for a would-be thief to climb in your open window. And some high

rise buildings offer 24-hour security surveillance as well as security guards and doormen to give you extra protection. While this might not deter all criminal activity, it will definitely filter out a majority of the risks.


The advantages of high rise apartments may win you over, but before you sign your new lease, keep the following disadvantages in mind:

Hotter in Summer

While you may save money on heating during the winter, you may pay more out of pocket during the summer to stay cool. Summer in Austin can skyrocket to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you live on the upper floors of a high-rise apartment, you may see even higher temperatures.

Stronger Winds

Powerful breezes might not be reason behind Austin’s nickname, but the city certainly has more than its fair share of gusts. High rise apartment buildings experience wind currents that those on the ground hardly notice. The higher the building, the greater the wind.

Nosy Neighbors

While more families in the same building mean more opportunities for relationships, not everyone will want to join in the fun. Some neighbors are downright unpleasant. If you happen to misstep, tenants on the lower floors may knock on your door to complain.

Difficult to Reach the Top

While high rise buildings often have elevators to help you on your way, they might not always be in service. Climbing multiple story’s worth of stairs is no easy feat. If you have elderly family members or individuals who have difficulty moving on their own, a high rise apartment may pose a problem during an emergency evacuation.

Elevator space may pose a problem as well. You may have difficulty moving larger pieces of furniture to the top floor than into a townhome or low-rise apartment. If you’re lucky, you may be able to convince your landlord to let you use the service elevator. But if you’re not, you may have to purchase smaller pieces for your living room.

These are just a few advantages and disadvantages you may discover while living in a high rise apartment. If you decide to make the switch, contact a professional moving company to help you move your heavier pieces to the upper floors.