When you Move into a Condo

Condominiums have become an increasingly popular housing option in recent years, as some homeowners prefer to have access to amenities like maintenance over taking care of their own properties. Packing up a house and moving into a condo can be a bit jarring for those who aren’t fully prepared for the differences between living in a condo and a house.


There are some basic moving and packing tips you should follow before handing over your prized possessions to a household moving company to transport to your new condo.

Adjust your finances You’ll have to pay regular fees for maintenance and other services. Some condo associations also charge special assessments for building repairs and new projects, which can cost you hundreds of dollars per month. Prepare yourself for a significantly different fiscal situation after your move. Save ahead to cover any condo-related expenses so you aren’t surprised when new bills come in every month.

Pare down your belongings You likely won’t have the same amount of space in a condo as you did in your home. As a result of the limited room, you can quickly become overwhelmed by your possessions. The relocation process is the perfect opportunity to sort through your belongings and decide what is truly important. Ask your loved ones if there are any items they would like to take and which things they can stand to lose. Alternatively, you could hold a yard sale to cut down on the amount of possessions you have to move and make some money to help cover any new expenses.

Read the rules Every condo association has different rules and restrictions, so be sure to read these guidelines before you move. Some of your possessions might lead to violations, while you may need special permission for others. For instance, you might required to receive a waiver to install a satellite dish for your television. Study the rules before relocating to avoid any headaches once you’ve settled into your new home. Homes.com points out that you may be subject to fines if you violate multiple restrictions.

Greet your neighbors early Condo communities can be somewhat tight-knit. Some associations host regular events and offer communal amenities like pools and gyms to create a friendly atmosphere. Get to know your neighbors early on so that you can fit in and find some new friends. Consider hiring relocation movers to transport and unpack your belongings so that you can spend some time greeting other condo owners.