Am I Suppose To Tip My Movers

Are tips expected?

In a nutshell, tips are completely optional. While employees in the moving industry do appreciate a thoughtful tip, our crew at Box Ox Movers in Austin Texas never enters a job expecting an extra tip.

That said, if you happen to feel that a team or particular crew member went truly above and beyond expectations, a kind tip would be well-received.

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 If I do decide to tip, should it be in cash?

Cash is often preferred, but any form of tip is very much valued. Treating a team to lunch or dinner is also wonderful!

A couple quick notes in terms of food offerings:

  • While pizza may be the quintessential offering for moving crews, and our team does very much appreciate it, they also love to be treated to something different.
  • While not many of our crew have food allergies, we proudly feature a diverse staff. Asking if any particular team member might have any allergies is a very nice gesture.
  • We would like to highlight how much our crew loves working with our clients. We love being able to help you make these transitions!
 If I do want to tip, then what is standard?

There are a lot of varying opinions on how much to tip your moving crew. Oddly enough, tipping on a percentage of the total bill isn’t necessarily as applicable as it would be in say a restaurant.

Instead, it helpful to think of how many hours the crew worked and how difficult the work was. A few examples of factors to consider:

  • How much heavy lifting was the crew doing?
  • Did the team masterfully navigate any narrow corridors or sharp corners?
  • Did they do an impressive job in particularly intense weather conditions, such as a super hot day, or slippery ground with ice/snow?

For a full day of moving, some like to tip a flat amount per person depending on the nature of the job.

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