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Moving To-Do Checklist

There are definitely some things you'll want to remember to do when you're moving. Take a look at this simple Moving To-Do list for a quick overview, or print off Box Ox Moving's comprehensive Moving Checklist for even more detail.

  • Get a moving file for all important moving-related documents
  • Plan a moving budget
  • Begin contacting moving companies online or by phone for moving quotes
  • Research moving companies
  • Make a reservation
  • List your home
  • Gather medical and dental records
  • Contact school to have records transferred
  • Contact veterinarian to have pet records transferred
  • Purchase boxes and moving supplies
  • Begin purging home – separate items into keep, donate and discard piles
  • Prepare for a garage sale
  • Host garage sale
  • Contact donation center for pick-up
  • Begin packing
  • Pack essentials box to take in personal vehicle
  • Packing clothing/toiletries in suitcases to take in personal vehicle
  • Check on parking for moving trailer or ReloCube
  • Secure parking permits (if required)
  • Cancel or transfer memberships and/or subscriptions
  • Return library books and DVDs
  • Pick up laundry from dry cleaner
  • Return/Retrieve items on loan or loaned out
  • Have automobile serviced
  • Complete USPS change of address
  • Send moving announcement cards to friends and family
  • Contact utilities to have services shut off
  • Contact utilities at new location to have services connected
  • Contact bank/credit union
  • Notify creditors
  • Notify government agencies
  • Notify insurance agency and verify coverage on personal property while being moved
  • If your auto insurance doesn't transfer to your new state, contact insurance companies for quotes
  • Prepare appliances for moving
  • Measure doorways to make sure large furniture will fit
  • Confirm travel arrangements
  • Make arrangements for pets
  • Fill prescriptions and get medications
  • Schedule home/carpet cleaning
  • Make childcare arrangements for moving day
  • Take note of utility meter readings
  • Leave note with new address for future residents (to forward stray mail)
  • Get new driver's license and new tags for vehicle
  • Register to vote
  • Move in

More Helpful Moving Advice

Much of the information you’ve read here can also be found on the Box Ox Moving Blog – which offers an abundance of detailed posts containing very specific moving advice. You can also send us a message below:

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