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Moving an Apartment with Box Ox Moving apartment movers

Choosing the right Apartment Movers can be quite a challenge.  There are so many Apartment Moving Companies out there that will offer you the cheap moving rates, but their actual moving service does not live up to the hype.


Box Ox Moving has been in Apartment Moving business since the very beginning.  As Box Ox Moving company has operated in a college town full of apartments our movers are very familiar with apartment moving.  Apartment moves are still a big part of our business.  It can often be very challenging to move an apartment with just you and some friends.  Often times there will be stairs or elevators to deal with.  Well look no further, because Box Ox Moving can help.

We have lots of experience as Apt Movers.  We know how to efficiently move your furniture down those tricky stairwells, and tight hallways while making sure that all of your furniture and belongings make it to your destination safely.


Apartment Moving Services

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