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Tips to Moving Long Distance

Nothing is more stressful than relocating to a new destination, especially long-distance moving. More comes into play when moving into a new location across the country. One of the most worrying factors for long-distance moving is the damage risk. You are not alone. Some of our great tips will get you covered and help you reduce the risk of damage.

Short distance moves have fewer risks involved and minimal planning. In most cases, all you have to do is load the back of your van with your belonging, and you're good to go. However, this is not the case when it comes to long-distance a lot of planning and more research. Bellow, are some tips that will get you started.

1. Do Prior Planning

As soon as you know you are moving long-distance, that's a huge task ahead of you, and you need a plan. Whether you want to record everything on a spreadsheet or move with the flow, you need to write down every moving task you have to do. That can be overwhelming, but the ultimate moving checklist, it will help you get through your moving phase.

2. Keep a Schedule

The next thing after you have a plan is staying on schedule. Things like school enrollment and utility installation are time-sensitive, and you don't want to handle everything in a rush. Try scheduling some time for the moving-related task in your calendar to avoid forgetting what you need to do and at what time. With this long-distance moving tip, you will stay right on track and be ready to move stress-free.

3. Get Moving Estimates from Moving Companies, Packing and Truck Services

Since you are moving long distances, you will need more than your friends' help. Professional help will do. But you need to know the best moving long-distance company to consider. Part of this includes knowing how many possessions you have, getting estimates from multiple moving companies, and selecting long distance moving company within your budget.

4. Plan on Your Packing

It takes weeks to pack, and you need the right strategy. Before moving, start packing things you won't need, like off-season clothes, holiday knickknacks, beach shawls, and family heirlooms. Pack them in organized bags and boxes and label them.

5. Wrap Your Furniture

The last thing you will want to experience when moving long distances is damage. It is overwhelming to pack large items, but you should do it cautiously. Use moving blankets to cover your furniture from dents, scratches and chips. You can also use the moving blankets to wrap your favorite pieces to avoid damage.

6. Hire the Best Moving Company

After getting estimates from multiple moving companies, compare the prices, choose the one that meets your budget and work with a trustworthy and reputable long distance moving company. Even though affordability is essential in this, the cheapest options aren't the best always. You don't want to be scammed when trying to move long distances. You can also get reviews from your colleagues and families on reputable long distance movers.

7. Update Vital Documents

When you move to a new address, you have to update your information in different places. But the situation becomes even more complex when you are moving long distance. You will have to update some of your essential documents, including your driver's registration and license. Ensure you have a plan on how to update the documents before moving out. Also, research what you have to update before moving. This is one tip you should not ignore when moving long-distance as it may impact you in one way or the other.

8. Purchase a Moving Insurance

Whether your possessions are valuable or not, ensure you know the right insurance that covers them. Consult an agent before moving and know what auto and home insurance cover long distance moving. Remember, even though a long-distance moving company have limited insurance cover, you will need to purchase comprehensive insurance if you have valuable items to move.

9. Ship Your Items

Shipping your belongings when moving long distances is a great option if there is no much to move. It is the fastest and most convenient way to save money, especially when using ground services from top shipping companies.

There are also shipping companies that ship large possessions at an affordable fee. It can be the best way to ship some of your possessions and move the rest in a moving truck.

10. Move During Off-season

If you are not in a hurry, move during the off-season when the rate is competitive, and you will have different options to consider. Moving during peak is costly as businesses spike, and you won’t have many options on your pick up day.

Many stressful things come with long-distance moves, like making new friends, finding a new doctor, and finding a job, but moving doesn't have to be overwhelming. Have a to-do list, protect your items from damage, prepare for moving emergencies and downsize your items to ensure you move safely and smoothly.